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Testimonial List

Pamela Weeks
Excellent Service!

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Anexeon over the last several years and have found their customer service and technical knowledge to be exceptional.  They respond quickly and resolve issues thoroughly. I recommend them highly. Thank you Ron and staff!

Pamela Weeks ( Owner PlanCompare, LLC )
Gregory Morris
Professional Approach!

We recently moved our office to a new location and Anexeon handled the moving of the server, the instalation of the internet at the new office, the installation of a new phone system and setting up all the work stations at the new office. The move went without a hitch due to their professional approach, their knowledge and the great employees who worked with us. You guys are the best. Thanks. Gregory Morris

Gregory Morris ( Pecos & 215 )
Stacey Ceragioli
Thank you Anexeon!

We can always count on Anexeon. LVGEA (formerly Nevada Development Authority) has worked with Anexeon for well over 10 years. They have helped us through two office moves and are always super fast responding to problems. Thank you Curt, Ron and everyone else who supports us!

Stacey Ceragioli ( Finance Manager )
Ernest Sussman
Physician friendly company

I am a surgical subspecialist and have been practicing for approximately 20 years in the Las Vegas Valley. I have been in large and, more recently, small medical groups. I wasn’t happy with my former IT company for a few years and switched to Anexeon last year based on the advice of another physician. I can state without reservation that this was one of the best business decisions that I have made as of recent. It’s all about support and Anexeon provides multiple avenues to obtain this in a timely fashion. Their technicians are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Lastly, they are very fair with their billing practices and will try to find more cost-effective alternatives when feasible. The disparities between Anexeon and other IT companies that I have worked with have been like night and day.

Ernest Sussman
Justin Anderson
Service, Service, Service

Over the last few months Anexeon's team have been thorough and responsive even with all the challenges that come not only with a system swap but a system upgrade. Our staff is pleased with the quick repairs to service tickets and our accounting department is pleased in the consistency with billing and the lack of hourly charges for required repairs. Thanks Anexeon Team!!

Justin Anderson ( GM )
Joseph Macrillo
Attentive to our needs

We have utilized Anexeon’s services since 2011 and they have been an instrumental partner in changing our IT structure. They have helped implement changes to our data traffic patterns, changed our phones to voice over IP, and suggested new equipment that has helped to improve our various locations across the country. They never hesitate to get on a plane or answer a ticket at any hour of the day or night. Anexeon has met and/or exceeded our needs consistently throughout the last 3 years.

Joseph Macrillo ( COO at Inova Management Co., LLC Las Vegas )
Christine Smith
Anexeon crew, my heroes!!

Since Anexeon took over as our outsourced IT solution providers, I have so much more time for my own work rather than being involved in any IT issues. I can't say enough good things about them. Honestly, they do more than I expect for the price, when was the last time you heard that?

Christine Smith ( VP Finance, Juliet Companies Las Vegas )
Brian Cruden
In regards to IT, Anexeon is truly an extension of our company

Anexeon provides stellar consultative advice and service to our ever growing needs. Regardless of the challenge, Anexeons team of technicians and educated engineers are always there for us. Over the past several years, our company has grown immensely through mergers and acquisitions which has required unique and creative IT solutions to accomplish this growth. Anexeon not only met our challenges, but provided deliverables that enabled us to plan for future growth.

Brian Cruden ( Chief Executive Officer Brown & Brown Insurance of Nevada, Inc. )
Dr. Lawrence Newman
Fast and Efficient!

Anexeon is fast and efficient and most importantly, they know their business. Whereas with past IT companies problems would always come up that seemed to confuse the technicians and lead to them sitting at my computer sweating and wondering, The Anexeon staff are true trained professionals and always have a workable solution to issues that arise.

Dr. Lawrence Newman ( President Newman Urology )
Quillin Advertising and Public Relations
Responsive, Accurate, Fair and Fun
"If, like me, you've ever had that unique feeling of dread that your whole world has collapsed due to a computer meltdown, Anexeon is the antidote. For 10+ years, our advertising and PR agency has depended on them to keep us operating and communicating. They are responsive, accurate, fair and fun. I trust them 100%."
Quillin Advertising and Public Relations ( Owner Las Vegas, NV )
Bob Bruderman
They always handle any issues promptly

We have been clients of Anexeon since about 2006 or 2007. We appreciate the support and advice they have given us as we have grown and moved. Anexeon has always handled any issues promptly and efficiently. We are delighted to have Anexeon as the technology provider for Canterbury Advisors.

Bob Bruderman ( President Canterbury Wealth Advisors )
Scott Meier
I highly recommend Anexeon!

Right Now Air has been working with Anexeon for several years. They have not only provided us with excellent customer service but they have a staff that really cares. In addition to maintaining our office system they maintain several remote computers which allow us instant access when needed. I highly recommend Anexeon and their team of professionals!

Scott Meier ( Owner Right Now Air )
Scott Miller
Anexeon looks to “our” best interests rather than their own
We have been using Anexeon for computer, phone, and network management since 2004 and couldn’t be happier with their service. Rather than simply repairing corrupt and out of date terminals, they have taken a hands on approach to our entire system and provided us with up to date, worry free solutions that not only eliminate our down time, but save us considerable money each year! It’s nice having a company that looks to “our” best interests rather than their own.

They are a first rate partner and I would recommend them to any company regardless of size. Let them take care of your network systems so you can take care of your business.
Scott Miller ( President State Restaurant Equipment )
Steve Sizemore
They are the true sense of a partner
Anexeon has become much more than a service provider, they are the true sense of a partner; a trusted extension of our company.
Steve Sizemore ( Director of Advanced Services CMA Communications )

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  • They changed our address!

    Anexeon was recently notified by the Post Office that our address would be changing.  Even though our building was actually off of Spanish Ridge Ave, we have had a Durango Drive address.  This is now being fixed. Our new address is 8704 Spanish Ridge Ave.  For more details, please click the CONTACT US menu choice above.


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