ProtectIT! Overview

When “Up-Time” Really Matters:

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Is your data safe?

Are you sure your backups really work? Would your business survive a fire, tornado, hurricane, earthquake or even a simple server hardware failure? Having any doubts? With ProtectIT!, your servers are backed up or "snapshotted" every 15 to 30 minutes, virtually eliminating the potential of significant data loss when a server fails.

Backups, Offsite Storage and Business Continuity Included!

ProtectIT! BCDR (Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery) takes your critical data and securely sends it to a SAS 70 compliant offsite storage facility every night with full data encryption, thus protecting your business in the event of a disaster at your site. Furthermore, if your server fails or has a hardware or software problem, the ProtectIT! unit becomes a virtual duplicate of your server thereby keeping you in business with very little down-time. You and your staff can continue working as if nothing had happened, while we order the parts and do the necessary repairs to get your server back in operation.

ProtectIT! can sold as a one-time installation price combined with a monthly service fee, or it can be part of our Hardware as a Service solution where you simply pay monthly. You never have to worry about maintenance on the unit, the monthly fee covers all cleanup, adjustments, monitoring of backups, some bundled offsite storage, and general health of the unit.

Smart companies are no longer relying on tape backups systems or nightly hard drive backups due to their volatile nature. Call Anexeon and we will make sure you can confidently answer YES to the safety and integrity of your critical company data.

Anexeon’s ProtectIT! - BCDR Service Includes:

  • Fast Recovery for files and email
  • Virtualization of failed servers decreasing downtime from days to hours - if your server fails - this system will emulate your server while repairs are in progress.
  • Between 500GB - 1TB of bundled offsite storage (depending on plan selected) ensuring data security and regulation compliance
  • 24 X 7 X 365 Monitoring and Management ensuring data integrity (Our service is a business continuity plan)
  • Ensures Email and Database Health and stability


Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials
Professional Approach!
We recently moved our office to a new location and Anexeon handled the moving of the server, the instalation of the internet at the new office, the installation of a new phone system and setting up all the work stations at the new office. The move went without a hitch due to their professional approach, their knowledge and the great employees who worked with us. You guys are the best. Thanks. Gregory Morris
Gregory Morris ( Pecos & 215 )

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