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If you deal direct with the carriers for your fiber or copper conections, you will deal with the retail division and you will get retail pricing (sometimes with a small discount if you are lucky!)


If you deal direct with the carriers and have any service related issues, your support call will likely go to someone in another state that doesn't know you and can rarely find the issue quickly.


If you are looking for a redundant multi-carrier solution you will spend your valuable time dealing with the various sales-people from the carriers, getting quotes, managing the project, signing multiple contracts, getting multiple monthly invoices - your time is too valuable for all that...

Instead, do what many local hospitals, businesses and gaming companies have done -  Let Anexeon handle it all for you...


If you call us instead you will get wholesale carrier pricing passed on to you. We will manage the project for you, you will sign only one contract, and you will get only one monthly bill.


We manage and monitor your circuit at no extra cost to you.


If there is a service related issue on the circuit, we typically know about it before you and have already called our direct lines to the carrier's NOC.  We don't deal with the first level helpdesk personnel, we go right to the network engineers to get things fixed quickly.



  • Does your company have multiple locations?
  • Are you looking for the best way to maximize your enterprise wide area network?
  • Are you ready to consolidate your voice and data services?
  • Looking for a more robust internet product than the one that comes with your current carrier's connection?
  • Do you have a need to have a companywide disaster avoidance solution?
  • Are you looking to implement a VMWare or Hyper-V solution?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Anexeon Enterprise solutions can help you.

We are an authorized carrier with direct network to network connections to Zayo, Centurylink, AT&T, Cox and TW Telecom which allows us to create redundant private transport and internet based network connections for businesses quickly and easily. 

The simple reality is - the major carriers are in competition with each other and simply will not work together to create a multi-carrier redundant solution for businesses.  We break through those barriers and deal directly with the carrier side of the providers on your behalf and deliver a seamless, redundant, managed solution to you at a lower cost than would be available through the retail carrier divisions.

We focus on infrastructure, utilizing state of the art voice and data networking, collocation facilities and our broad experience implementing and architecting solutions. Our enterprise solutions are one component of targeted approach to your company IT requirements. Anexeon Enterprise Solutions provide your company with best of breed solutions engineered to your specifications in the areas of:

  • Transport - Redundant metropolitan Ethernet networking and MPLS wan services
  • Application Architecture - Always on, distributed bandwidth and redundant server design
  • Collocation - The very best in collocation infrastructure and support
  • Convergence - Managed data and voice networking, IP Trunking and hosted voice application

Anexeon works closely with your team to identify and implement high value enterprise solutions that increase your ability to manage costs and compete effectively. Our steady growth and exceptional reputation underscores Anexeon’s commitment to quality, customer service and delivery of enterprise solutions. Contact us today at 702-938-0365.


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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials
Responsive, Accurate, Fair and Fun
"If, like me, you've ever had that unique feeling of dread that your whole world has collapsed due to a computer meltdown, Anexeon is the antidote. For 10+ years, our advertising and PR agency has depended on them to keep us operating and communicating. They are responsive, accurate, fair and fun. I trust them 100%."
Quillin Advertising and Public Relations ( Owner Las Vegas, NV )

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    Anexeon was recently notified by the Post Office that our address would be changing.  Even though our building was actually off of Spanish Ridge Ave, we have had a Durango Drive address.  This is now being fixed. Our new address is 8704 Spanish Ridge Ave.  For more details, please click the CONTACT US menu choice above.


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