WatchIT! Overview

WatchIT! is Anexeon's monthly managed service IT Maintenance plan for business.  Extraordinary service, both onsite and remote support, fast response times and two simple plans to choose from.

WatchIT! Guardian

IT systems monitoring and maintenance, unlimited technical support, antivirus included, monthly reporting, vendor management, asset reporting, and a flat monthly fee with no overage or "excess" charges.  Plus you get onsite trainings to assist your staff with subjects like Internet Safety, Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks, and more.

WatchIT! Guardian with HAAS (Hardware as a Service)

Our newest plan and quickly becoming our most popular.  Includes everything shown above in the Guardian plan, plus we GIVE YOU all of your required IT hardware! Laptops, servers, desktops, monitors, network infrastructure, everything for a single monthly cost!  No more leases or loans to deal with, no more depreciation of equipment, no more asset taxes, everything becomes an operating expense for you - no more capital expenditures.  We replace the equipment automatically as it ages so you always have fast, state of the art systems and up to date Microsoft software.

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Why Anexeon

Why choose Anexeon's WatchIT! service?  Some questions our clients ask are:

  • Does hiring a full-time IT support specialist in-house make sense?
  • If I choose to outsource our IT support, can I pay a set monthly price rather than being at the mercy of consultants who bill by the hour?
  • How can I reduce downtime, poor performance and security breaches without paying through the nose?

Anexeon has the answer. Our WatchIT!™ comprehensive IT management services are available at a predictable and affordable monthly cost.

With WatchIT!™, Anexeon provides top-class IT services and a sophisticated set of IT management tools, usually available only to Fortune 1000 companies. You get all of this without a huge up-front investment or committing to long term contracts. Our WatchIT!™ technology allows Anexeon to proactively fix issues before they turn into problems, and instantaneously attend to a problem to prevent disaster. Managing and troubleshooting desktops, networks, servers and IT security is rarely seen as a core activity by most businesses, and is often viewed as a necessary evil. Anexeon moves your IT services model from reactive to PROactive.

With WatchIT!™, Anexeon manages everything related to your desktops, networks and servers. We employ teams of certified engineers and technicians who deliver high levels of IT support from our Network Operations Center on a 24x7x365 basis.

WatchIT!™ is a central part of Anexeon's operations and business philosophy. With WatchIT!™ we become your IT department, responsible for the maintenance of your IT systems, accountable to your management team. Finding dependable, reliable and affordable IT support is an effort for any business, but it's particularly challenging for small and medium sized businesses with limited budgets. Whether you're looking for a professional IT firm to install a new network, upgrade your PCs, install software or provide a security assessment, or you need day-to-day IT support at a reasonable and predictable price. With Anexeon, our team is your team. We'll do whatever it takes.

SLAs that Matter

The WatchIT!™ Process

Most IT Service providers will tell you that you will have guaranteed service levels - guaranteed response times, and guaranteed resolution plan times, but in reality they have no way to measure it and no way to enforce it.  But not Anexeon...


Anexeon has invested a great deal of time and money in our colocation infrastructure and systems so that we can not only guarantee those serice level agreements, we can report on them and see them in real-time. We have dashboards all over our headquarters that show instant, real-time response times, resolution times and more.  If a customer reported issue is not being addresses within those reponse times - alarms go off all over our office and the owners are notified so we know exactly what is happening.  You simply won't even have to worry about slow response times anymore - our systems won't let it happen.

Fact 1

SMBs report an average of over 50 hours of lost productivity per employee per year due to IT problems.

Fact 2

93% of IT problems can be proactively addressed via remote administration before they turn into performance problems, downtime, loss of data or security breaches.

Fact 3

Traditional IT support providers profit when you face more IT problems rather than less. With Anexeon's flat rate program, if you are down, WE are losing money too!

More Details

Server & Network Management

  • Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012 Server support and proactive maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting any alert that arises while monitoring systems.
  • Automated scans for viruses and event log issues to identify problems and troubleshoot them.
  • Check and patch-up all security holes and verify data backup.
  • Management of all Switches, Routers and Firewalls and other network devices.

Desktop Support

  • Regularly deploy patches and update virus definitions.
  • Perform desktop tunings like Defrag, Scandisk, Paging file optimizations, bottlenecks etc.
  • Deploy updates to software and service packs.
  • Continuous filtering for bugs, spyware, malware and other threats.
  • Proactive monitoring of e-mails for spam and viruses before they can affect the system.

Monthly Exec Reports

Monthly Executive Summary Reports

Delivered to your inbox every month - simple to read, showing you everything that happened throughout the month.


Complete Asset/Inventory Reports

Need a complete report detailing the health and history of every single system in your network? Just send us an email or give us a call and you will receive a PDF file with an incredible amount of information.







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Make Your Move.

Download the WatchIT! datasheet

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials
In regards to IT, Anexeon is truly an extension of our company
Anexeon provides stellar consultative advice and service to our ever growing needs. Regardless of the challenge, Anexeons team of technicians and educated engineers are always there for us. Over the past several years, our company has grown immensely through mergers and acquisitions which has required unique and creative IT solutions to accomplish this growth. Anexeon not only met our challenges, but provided deliverables that enabled us to plan for future growth.
Brian Cruden ( Chief Executive Officer Brown & Brown Insurance of Nevada, Inc. )

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